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Fairy tales to warm up

Welcome to the magical world of fairy tales!

Are you ready to dive into a world of adventure, magic, and friendship?

The adventures in the book «Fairy tales to warm up» captivate the imagination of readers of all ages.

Why to read fairy tales?

Storytelling, particularly through fairy tales, originated as a ritual to bring people together.
Whether enjoyed in the company of others or alone, reading fairy tales offers a delightful pastime.
As adults, we realize that fairy tales transformed into fantasies still hold significant value in our lives, regardless of age.
The beauty of fairy tales lies in their inclusivity, reaching out to everyone and warming their hearts.

Characters to discover

KITTEN: An adorable companion and patient friend. She loves to explore the world around her and learn new things.

PUP: A cheerful and loyal companion, always ready to make new friends and protect his loved ones.

WIZARD: A young wizard without magical powers? His determination will guide him on his journey through the world, and through spells and magical adventures, he will discover his extraordinary abilities.

SOLDIER: Returning home and his way of making. He will teach an important lesson on how to make the most of what you have.


What makes our book special?

  1. Engaging stories: Each fairy tale presents a unique adventure that will intrigue readers of all ages. The stories are full of excitement, suspense, and valuable life lessons.
  2. Book and audiobook: You can choose to browse the pages or listen to the audiobook in English!
  3. Learning and having fun: fairy tales provide not only entertainment but also important values such as friendship, respect, and the development of imagination.

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